Here at DYNAMAXX we CARE about your health and future.

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What we are about

DYNAMAXX founders Jay Archer is a Entrepreneur – Visionarie, driven and bold. He has built successful traditional business and has been highly successful in network marketing. He is smart, forward-thinking and fearless.

Jay approached product research and development experts with new and extraordinary product ideas. Knowing that network marketing was the perfect vehicle to take these products to market, they began assimilating a team of some of the industry’s sharpest minds. DYNAMAXX was born!

The company began with a vision to improve the lives of every person touched by the company by providing innovative products that deliver immediate results – products that will help you feel better, look better, live better – NOW!

Coupled with these fast- acting products, a marketing strategy and an accompanying compensation plan were designed that incorporates the most innovative elements of plans across the industry. Staying true to their desire for immediate results, a satisfied customer acquisition program was integrated into a bonus and reward system to help ensure that DYNAMAXX Associates could quickly gain positive results as a foundation for a long term financial rewards.

Our Mission

“Providing innovative products with immediate results”

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Our Vision