Nichole Puettman
Bio: National Director, Wyoming

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Married to: Patrick Puettman
Former Occupation: Weight Loss Clinic Owner, Med School Student

Nichole Puettman was like thousands of students across the U.S. Newly married, she and her husband Patrick were living in a 380 square foot home, living paycheck to paycheck while she spent 12 hours a day in class. Her car was on its last leg/ wheel, and constantly breaking down in the cold Wyoming winters. The couple made ends meet by relying on their credit cards, all the while knowing that wasn't a good solution—but it was the only one they had.

Nichole wasn't afraid of hard work, so the two started a weight loss business to help their income stretch a little farther. "We thought we'd do what everybody does: he'd work in the oil fields and I'd go to school, and we'd just try to pay off our debt before we died."

Nichole, whose top priority is family and loved ones, looked at the clock one night after she finished her commitments, and remembered that a friend was having a meeting and needed support. "I know what it's like to try to accomplish something, the support of friends is so important!" So although it was late, she headed to the meeting and arrived just as the friend and Pam Ortiz were packing up their DYNAMAXX opportunity meeting. The two shared the opportunity with Nichole anyway.

"I fell in love with the product, and I thought it would be good for my weight loss clients. But the more I thought of the opportunity, the more excited I got."

Nichole, whose top priority is family, made a fifteen hour trip to share Lights Off™ and Lights ON™ with her Mom. That simple act of thoughtfulness had an impact she never dreamed of. Since she was five years old, Nichole had watched her mom wave goodbye as her husband and children went off for activities. Her degenerating health, with its constant pain, meant she had limited mobility and tired too easily to participate in much of life. Having worried about her mom through twenty years of pain and illness, and a pharmacy of 31 medications, Nichole just hoped her mom would be able to rest better. Her mom began to take the DYNAMAXX products, appreciating that her daughter would care enough to drive so far.

To the family's astonishment, her mom was soon more active than she'd been in twenty years—her pain had diminished and she had energy to spare. "It's like I have my mom back!"

DYNAMAXX has made an impact on the things Nichole values most: her family. "My dad has worked in the coal mines for 28 years, but DYNAMAXX has replaced his income, so he'll soon be able to resign and golf everyday while he shares this great business. My mom's and sister's health have improved, and as soon as I am a District Vice President, Pat will be coming home so we can spend more time together, too!"

Materially, Nichole and Pat have an entirely different life. "I'll never forget when my car broke down in Sheridan. DYNAMAXX founder, Jay Archer, drove my car home for me—that's just the type of person he is. Not that it was unusual for my car to break down. In fact, the day before I went to pick up my DYNAMAXX Mercedes Benz, my car broke down and I couldn't even push it the block home."

"It's not all about the Mercedes, though. It's honestly the little things. We're grateful to have a car that runs. And although Pat and I are now able to live in a home three times the size of our former home, we're more excited about being months away from paying off our debt. We can go out to eat without worrying about having food for the rest of the week. And when DYNAMAXX invites us to travel, we are treated to limo rides and chefs. The little things are so amazing to us!"

Best of all, Nichole knows that anyone can do this business. "When I started succeeding in this business, I was basically ignorance on fire. I'd never done direct sales, I was a college student… I had no idea what to do!" But she knew that if she followed the instructions of her upline leader, Pam Ortiz, then she would be able to enjoy the same success Pam did.

And that's exactly what she did. In fact, that's what she's still doing. And the success continues to build!