Tuck Trentham
Bio: Emerald Director, Florida
Follow the Leader & Succeed

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Occupation: Owner, Water Well drilling Company
Children: Jessica, 11 years old

"I've been a part of several network marketing companies, and I've never made any money," Tuck Trentham flatly stated. To his surprise, the reply didn't promise better results. In fact, it actually assured him that he wouldn't make any money at this one, either—if he did what he'd done before. BUT, Jay added, if he was willing to do exactly what he would be taught, Tuck would have a "monster" business. He did, and now he does. And the shiny black Mercedes Benz is just the beginning.

Tuck spotted Bobby Vaughan in a poker room in Daytona, and noticed that he looked great. Bobby explained that his weight loss was due to Lights ON™. When Tuck expressed interest in the product, Bobby did a 3 way call on the spot. Afterwards, Tuck promised to watch the video when he got home, but his mind was made up—he had no intention of joining another MLM.

Tuck had several friends who'd made great incomes in direct selling, but he never had, despite a dozen or so attempts.

But because he promised, he visited the website to see the online video. While watching, it dawned on him that his friend Bobby had literally dialed one of the founders of DYNAMAXX, who had personally taken time to explain the opportunity.

"Frankly, I signed up immediately based on "position" alone. I've never known anyone—even those who have been successful in direct selling—who got to speak with the founder of the company," Tuck says. "And if he was going to help me build my business, then I knew I could succeed. Right after I enrolled, I enrolled my girlfriend, Laura, with an Executive Pack, too. This thing was going to go big!"

DYNAMAXX products are selected specifically because of the incredible market appeal—riding the wave of multi-billion dollar trends and appealing to the two largest populations in history. This means that even 15 years from now this will be a solid opportunity.

But it's also true that those with the foresight to begin building their businesses within the first few years have the greatest advantage for building significant wealth; especially those who begin establishing their teams prior to the launch of the international expansion.

Tuck immediately began doing exactly what Jay advised. "It's a simple process, and it's virtually the same every time."

There are a few simple steps:

  • Share samples
  • Set expectations (no buzz, etc.)
  • Call the next day (99% will have forgotten to take it, so…)
  • Call the following day
  • Receive a good report on the products
  • Ask, "Can you hold on just a minute?" (Dial upline on 3 way call)
  • Say, "Upline, I've got JOE on the phone. I don't know this business as well as you do; could you explain it?"
  • Then personally tell about Executive Pack, Business Pack & Personal Pack options.
  • Start again with step 1.

  • Tuck says that his method of getting the facts out and generating excitement literally works around 90% of the time. In fact, he says that if someone isn't experiencing these enrollment results in their business, he asks them if they're doing 3 way calls—and the answer is usually no. "You can try to build your business without 3 way calls, but the calls are key."

    There's another "secret" to his success. "I'm successful because no one can tell me this product doesn't work. I had high blood pressure for 25 years, as well as plenty of aches and pains. The pain is gone and my blood pressure is back in the normal range! I know this product works."

    Due to a slow-down in his well-drilling business, Tuck has a strong WHY to succeed with DYNAMAXX. But even strong motivation doesn't cost him any more effort than what traditional business terms "part time." Thankfully, with DYNAMAXX, a part time effort offers a full time reward.

    "I can hand out three samples in an hour, hour and a half," he says. "Now, my personal goal is to hand out five a day, but I'll settle for three; and I do it five days a week. The truth is, it's not a lot of time or effort—and I tell people that they will get out of this business exactly what they put in, so they must put in something!" For that reason, Tuck also recommends giving samples to those who want help, not just those who need help.

    Finally, he points out that to stay focused, he attends every call, and goes to every meeting. Further, he adds, "I consider myself a team captain, and so I try to be a positive motivator. If I get discouraged, I just log on to my Virtual Office and review the Power Points, to remind myself why this business is such an incredible way to help people."

    And by helping others achieve success, Tuck has achieved his first DYNAMAXX trophy: a gleaming black Mercedes Benz. And he's just begun!