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The DMX Life Coaches’ Challenge System is a uniquely designed lifestyle enhancing program that combines two major components: the “celebrity secret” to weight loss - Life Coaches - PLUS neurotransmitter precursors that help your body create "serotonin" for mood enhancement.

This comprehensive system offers the following all-inclusive components as part of its easy to follow 30-day regimen:

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DynaMAXX Life Coaches’
   Challenge System Clinical Trial
• DMX Meal Replacement Shake DynaMAXX Food Journal
• DMX Appetite Control • DMX Medical Life Coach
• DMX Aloe Herbal Cleanse • DMX Personal Trainer Life Coach
• Lights Off ™ • DMX Nutritional Adviser Coaches
• Lights ON ™ • DMX Personal Development Life Coach

The DMX Life Coaches' Challenge System is a truly a one-of-a-kind program that extends well beyond weight management. It offers a synergistic combination of products and programs specifically designed to enhance your overall well-being as well as helping you to achieve the physical appearance you desire.

Since starting the DMX Weight Loss System, I am down to 138 pounds and have shaved over
22 inches over all!

Jena Pullin

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