Mike and Ruth Perry
Bio: National Directors, Wyoming
A shared passion to help and see others become successful.

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Occupation: Ranching and Entrepreneurial Ventures
Married for 30 years
Children: Tyrell, 23 and Jena, 22

The Perry’s story is one of hard work, courage and personal growth. Some would think the odds were stacked against them, living on a ranch with the closest town being Clearmont (population 140) and living in a state with more antelope than people; but never underestimate the power of an emotional “Why”.

“I think I’ve always had a self-employed attitude. The clearest confirmation of that mindset came during my late teens when, after working all day and then past midnight on a ranch, I was chewed out royally for not being back at work early the next morning. I don’t think I have ever had a formal ‘boss’ since then. Ranching was a perfect fit for my personality and even though it’s been challenging at times, Ruth and I couldn’t see ourselves anywhere but here on the range in Wyoming.”

“Ranchers are always looking for supplemental income and that’s why we have been involved with the network marketing industry for over 20 years. Ruth chuckles when she says it’s been a ‘love-hate’ relationship, but we both agree that it’s been a rewarding overall experience. As a result, we have both grown as individuals and it sure beats having hundreds of thousands of dollars tied up in equipment inventory.”

The dream of supplemental income, becoming debt-free and living the life of independence is what first attracted the Perry’s to the networking industry. “Even though it was really tough leaving a MLM company we had worked hard at for 5 years, we saw something special in DYNAMAXX the first time we saw it presented by Nichole Puettman. Nikki was someone we truly already respected because of her “get ‘er done” attitude and proven leadership skills. Her credibility and our relationship with her was a key reason we joined when we did.”

“The ground-floor timing, coupled with instant gratification products were the real clinchers and the fact that our daughter, Jena, instantly caught the vision along with us was a special bonus. For the first time, we truly believed that we had found a company that had the ‘entire ball of wax’ along with superb leadership strategically positioned throughout the organization. After about a year of working the business, we now have dozens of life-changing product testimonies and our phone is still ringing with people calling us wanting to order product and join our team…something we have never experienced before. “

“On a personal note, we can’t tell you what a blessing it is to be able to work with and travel together as a family on an ongoing basis. We are compatible at our in-home launches and trade shows. It’s awesome how we continually feed off the enthusiasm and energy of each other.” Their two children have each found their passion in life. Tyrell is pursuing a Master’s in Rangeland Ecology Watershed Management and Jena building and developing her DYNAMAXX business.

When asked what some of their tips for success were, here was Mike and Ruth’s response:

Learn how to keep it simple. (An 8-year old should be able to do it.)

  • Follow a proven system….Put value on the product samples, follow-up, use the video, and call your upline leader for 3-way close.
  • Consistently and persistently demonstrate the right activity long enough. “So many people give up before they really get started.”
  • Continue to grow as a person through reading, viewing and experiencing the right material.
  • Get and stay “plugged in” to all meetings and conference calls. “Remember, when you’re DOWN…. you need them. When you’re UP…. they need you!”
  • Be more concerned about helping others become successful than becoming successful yourself.

  • DYNAMAXX is a dream come true for the Perry’s and as a result, they can’t wait to expand their favorite pastime camping, fishing and traveling activities; especially in a brand new Mercedes Benz automobile.

    Mike and Ruth attribute all of their real success to their walk of faith and are quick to say that the Bible is their favorite inspirational book of all time. Building enduring personal relationships is a cornerstone of their character and they look forward to seeing who God puts in their path as they continue their exciting journey!